Dedicated Servers

For when a VPS just won't cut it

The majority of services you use in your every day life runs on Servers. For those services that require a lot of power whether it be processing or other handling the best solution is normally a Dedicated Server.

Other uses for Dedicated Servers are to virtualise multiple systems onto it, a great option for those businesses who have multiple different systems they need centralised, like a billing system, monitoring system and even just remote desktops.

Why Dedicated?

A Dedicated Server means that the entire physical server is yours to utilize how you see fit. There are many benefits to this as you control what components get used where, for example a big database requires a lot of ram and processing power and you can see exactly how everything gets shared.

This is an extremely powerful tool for business or even individuals that need to process or host a lot of systems. We have multiple options and solutions that we can tailor to your specific needs.