When you need your own computer anytime... Anywhere

Computers are becoming more and more necessary to carry out our daily jobs. Everyone has one, but their static location limits where they can be used.

Our Desktop-as-a-Service product allows you to use your desktop, your computer, with all your files, no matter where you are in the world. Both safely and securely.

Why Desktop-as-a-Service?

Desktop-as-a-Service allows your business to operate from anywhere while giving the end user freedom as to what devices they use, this allows a Bring Your Own Device system to be put into place without worrying as much about the security aspect of the information you are handling.

As far as any business goes, this allows for great flexibility as it means people are not tied to desks, they could work remotely without having to go through the headaches of the IT team allowing remote connections to their Desktops.

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